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The Cowboy Sports Association (CSA) is a national organization which was created to promote the sport of Mounted Shooting through its affiliates.  Our focus is on the support of our affiliates through affordability, recognition, consistency and exceptional communication between the association and its members.

So what is Mounted Shooting?

This exciting competition reminds spectators of cowboys of the old west!  Armed with two single action .45 caliber pistols, the competitor speeds through a course designed to test their horsemanship skills and shooting ability – all put together.  While navigating through a course, the rider must shoot at 5 targets with one gun before re-holstering and pulling out their next gun for the last 5 targets.  Scoring is based on speed, accuracy and following the course of fire correctly.  Targets are balloons and ammunition is black powder blanks for safety.  There are levels for competitors based on mounted shooting experience and wins, even entry levels (Cowpoke and Apprentice) for competitors on lead line or anyone just learning to put it all together.  We also offer all members a Shooting Horse certification program to gain recognition for their horse in the sport of Mounted Shooting. 

The Cowboy Sports Association offers something for everyone! 

How to Start a Local Affiliate:

Anyone can get a CSA affiliate going in their area.  You do not have to start a club to affiliate!  Many of our affiliates are run by individuals who want to offer mounted shooting events locally.  For those who like the idea of having a club to support their events, we welcome you too. 

We Offer a Full Affiliate Package that Includes:

  • Guidelines and Rules
  • Courses                                                                                        
  • Event Producers Guide
  • Event Scoring Software & Instructions
  • 3D Jackpot Software & Instructions
  • Member Point Tracking by State, Region and Nationally.
  • Liability Insurance for CSA Sanctioned Events

Cowboy Sports Association Membership:

As a member of the Cowboy Sports Association, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being a part of one of the fastest growing sports and associations in the country! The CSA encourages member input and recognizes that it’s you, the member, who makes the association what it is.

Our focus is to promote the sport of mounted shooting and to do that it needs to be affordable.  We offer individual memberships and family memberships that won’t “break the bank”.  

Membership benefits include a membership card, CSA decal, point tracking on a national, regional and state level, a monthly newsletter and shooting horse certification program. 


Interested in holding a more casual mounted shooting event?  Cowboy Sports Association jackpots may be what you’re looking for!  Jackpot events can be held with any number of stages.  They can be a full event with a payout and points at the end or as individual stages competitors sign up for as you go.  The jackpot software comes with our affiliate package listed above, which includes all you need to hold an event.  For more information on CSA jackpots Click Here


Looking for a traditional mounted shooting competition?  Cowboy Sports Association mounted shooting matches consist of 3 or more courses and count for points in the CSA point tracking system.  Competitors compete in their individual levels and wins count towards move-up within the CSA level system. 

As a Cowboy Sports Association affiliate you receive everything you need to hold matches and jackpots!  You can choose to hold either or both throughout the year! 


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